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What is Flex?
Flex is an online marketplace that helps people get more fitness for less money. Buy your favorite gym or studio membership on Flex so you can sell days you don’t use. Book affordable passes to Yoga, CrossFit, Climbing gyms and more from members who aren’t using them.

When Can I Use a Pass I’ve Bought on Flex?
You can use Flex to buy a class for a specific date on time or a pass to use a club any time during regular operating hours. A pass is valid for one year from purchase date. If you bought a pass to an online class, Flex will send you the instructions via text or email to join that class.

Can I Sell a Day to a Specific Friend?
Yes! In fact, this is the best way to increase your earning potential. Share your listings with friends via SMS text, email, and on social media so they can get low-cost day passes while helping you earn money. You can also invite friends to join you at a club you’ve bought a pass to in the same way. Share the fun!

What Can I Do With the Credit if I Sell a Pass?
You can apply credits earned from selling passes to future purchases on Flex, including additional passes and Membershares.

How is the Price for Sale Calculated?
The price for a pass you intend to sell is determined by each individual club. It is a reflection of their monthly membership costs.

What is a Membershare?
A Membershare is a monthly membership - modernized. You belong to your favorite club community, but unlike a traditional membership, you can sell days you don’t use. Earn cash back to spend on passes at other clubs or next month’s Membershare bill. Membershare owners also get even bigger discounts on every club on Flex, saving you even more money!

Do Flex members get more benefits?
YES! Membershare owners get even bigger discounts on passes at all clubs on Flex.

How Do I Set Up or Cancel Monthly Auto-Renew Payments?
Auto-renew lets you maintain your Membershare month over month, so there’s one less thing to think about. To cancel, find your Membershare in the Wallet page, tap on it and click 'Canel Membershare.' You'll still be able to use the club and sell passes until the end of the month.

Are There Fees for Cancelling a Membershare or Missing a Scheduled Class?
Flex users are subject to each club’s class cancellation policies. Generally, classes registrations can be canceled 24 hours or more prior to class start time without penalty. Please refer to the information shown after you complete your class purchase for specific guidelines.

Why am I seeing pass charges when cancelling a Membershare?
If you sell days in the future that are beyond the expiration date of your current Membershare, you are required to pay back those earnings upon cancellation. We will first debit any funds in your Flex Wallet to pay the balance. You can choose to renew your Membershare to keep those earnings in your Flex Wallet and continue using or selling days at that club.

How Do I Use the Flex Calendar?
The Flex Calendar is the best way to schedule your upcoming workouts and track your workout history. Every time you check into a club it automatically updates, highlighting the day with a green circle. Miss a scheduled workout and you’ll see red! Earn rewards for achieving green streaks, and use the calendar to have fun staying accountable.

What happens if No One’s Selling a Day at a Club I want to Attend?
You’ll always be able to buy a pass at any club on Flex! If no one with a Membershare is selling a pass at that club, you can buy directly from the club. Passes listed by other Flex users cost less than passes sold directly by the club.

Can I Attend My Club on a Day I’ve Listed For Sale?
Yes - as long as that day hasn’t been purchased by another Flex user, you can de-list that day and use your club as normal. You will be unable to check into your club on a listed day that has been sold.

What is the Flex Wallet?
The Flex Wallet shows the passes and/or Membershares you have available to use. You can schedule a day to use a pass by clicking on it in the Wallet. You can also sell passes and days of your Membershare you don’t intend to use by clicking on them in the Wallet.

What are Transactions?
Transactions show your complete history of purchases and sales made on Flex. Your \"Current Balance\" shows the credits you have earned from selling passes and have available to spend on Flex.

How Do Clubs Benefit from Using Flex?

Where is the Personal Information Used?
Personal Information is used to autocomplete waivers for each club you attend, so you can avoid lengthy paperwork!

How is Flex different from ClassPass?
Unlike ClassPass, you do not need to buy a subscription to use Flex. While ClassPass encourages customers to try different clubs without commitment, Flex knows that a membership at your favorite club is incredibly valuable. See better results with a more consistent routine, and find your tribe. By letting users sell unused days, we make it more affordable to stay part of the communities you love, while getting the variety you crave.
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